About Integral Konnect

Our Richmond Hill-based Certified Technicians are committed to providing reliable Universal Washroom, Automatic Doors Installation & Security System Services

Surveillance camera in lobby at office by Integral Konnect in Richmond Hill.

About Us

We are a team of specialists who share a mutual concern for those limited by nature. Our vision is focused on using technology and innovation to negate the impediments of our clients.

Since we can only age forward, our dependencies on God-given appendages are expected to dwindle over time. Our team is diligently emphasizing on implementing systems and environments that provide ease of access, functionality, and reliability to handicapped people.

  • Manufacturer-trained Technicians
  • AAADM Certified Technicians for Installation
  • AAADM Inspector Licensed
  • Automatic Doors & Barrier-Free Washrooms
  • Security Cameras & Video Intercoms
  • Access Control Systems
Uncompromised security surveillance and protection

Avail our Video Surveillance Systems and protect your homes and buildings against unauthorized intruders 24/7:

CCTV Ontario

Comprehensive Troubleshooting

Our surveillance systems are actively diagnosed, repaired, and replaced in the event of malfunction to ensure round -the-clock security and video foresight.

CCTV Ontario

Active Customer Support

We actively provide dedicated support and assistance to ensure every trouble and worry of our customers are thoroughly addressed and relieved.

CCTV Ontario

Individual Approach

At Integral Konnect, every customer or company is individually consulted and assisted regardless of how big or small the person or corporation is.

CCTV Ontario

Modern Equipment

We lead our services with only the best equipment and technologies to earn the trust of reliability among all clients.

A man in wheelchair demonstrating Integral Konnect's access control systems for disabled individuals in Richmond Hill.

Our Mission

At Integral Konnect, we are keen on negating the differences between one client and the other. We plan to provide our dedicated services equally to all clients, whether they are simple homeowners or Multi-Billion Dollar industries.

Regardless of the requirements and needs, we intend to ensure that all our clients are extended the same treatment, quality, and courtesy.